Well, hello there! I’m thrilled that you’re here.

Making the science of reading easy to understand AND easy to implement is my “thing”, so I’m excited for you to get your hands on a little gift I made for you. It’s truly game changing!

Research has shown that phonological awareness is a critical key to unlocking students’ reading growth because students learn to hear the parts of words so they can read them later.

I know that the thought of adding even one more thing to your lesson plans can feel daunting – new lessons usually mean MORE prep and planning. But not this time! These phonological awareness daily warm ups make it so easy to build students’ foundation. Just click “print”!

Each day, you’ll simply read through the prompts and have kids complete each activity. There’s word counting, syllable segmenting, rhyming…

And the best part is that you don’t have to brainstorm practice words on the fly because they’ve already been written out for you!

Grab Your Gift

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Get Everything You Need for an Entire Year

I know you and your students are going to LOVE these warm ups! When you’re ready, grab the entire set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Inside you’ll find 40 weeks worth of warm ups…

(That’s enough to use all year long!)

Plus four binder covers you can pick from to keep the set together.

Just print the sheets and spiral bind them or slide them into a 3-ring binder to keep them all together. That’s all the prep required for the entire school year!

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