Football Clip Cards

Activity for ages 3 to 6.

One-to-one correspondence, fine motor practice, and number recognition are just some of the reasons I love using clip cards with my kindergarten students. And this football variety is sure to score a touchdown with young sports fans!  It’s great practice for counting sets 1-20.

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Getting Ready

This activity was super easy to prepare!

I printed the clip cards on white cardstock to give them added durability with little hands.

I used my paper trimmer to cut out the cards and then grabbed a set of clothespins.

We were ready for some counting fun!

Football Clip Cards

Students first started by picking a card.

They looked at the footballs shown and counted the number out loud.

The first student determined there were nine footballs so she clipped the number 9 with a clothespin.

What I love about these cards is that some students could use subitizing skills to determine the number of footballs. (Subitizing means instantly recognizing the number of objects in a set without needing to count them one by one.)

For instance, one boy immediately recognized a group of six footballs so he counted on three more to determine that there were nine all together.

Once students completed one card, they continued the same process until they’d worked their way through the entire set.

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