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Editable sight word games are my jam because they make it *so* easy to differentiate. I can print one version of a game for my struggling readers and a completely different version of the same game for my highest readers.

From far away, they might look identical, but up close they’re actually practicing entirely different words!

Two words: game changing. Snag this playful sight word game below and then hop over and grab 25 more editable word work activities your students will LOVE in our shop!

Getting Ready

To prep the sight word game, I typed in two sets of words: vowel teams for my first grader and R-influenced words for my second grader.

I wanted to keep the versions straight, so I printed the first grade version on green paper and the second grade version on blue.

(Color coding made it really easy for me to figure out who the words belonged to.)

I printed off a copy of the record sheet for each of my kiddos and then invited them to crumple up each of the sight words and throw them in a plastic bin.

(That step got lots of giggles!)

When all of the words were safely piled in our makeshift trash can, we were ready to play.

Sight Word Trash

The sight word game was really simple!

The kids grabbed one piece of trash at a time, un-crumpled it and read the word out loud.

Then, they wrote the word on their record sheet and grabbed the next one in their pile.

The kids had *so* much fun working their way through their trash bin!

(It’s not every day that you get to dig in garbage, right?!) The sight word game was a huge hit!

Grab Your Download

Ready to get your trash on too?! Click the blue “download” below to grab the freebie and then hop over to snag 26 more word work activities kids will beg to repeat in our shop!

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