Magic E Bingo

If your students are working on those tricky Magic E words, this Bingo game is a MUST!

Helping kids master CVCe words takes most kids lots of practice so why not make all of that hard work fun?

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Getting Ready

Prepping the game was super easy!

I printed off the color bingo sheets and calling cards on cardstock to give them extra durability.

(If you’ll be using the game in a classroom, you may also want to laminate the pages.)

After cutting everything apart, I placed the calling cards in a stack face down on the table.

I pulled out our bin of yellow tokens for kids to use as cover ups for words but so many things would work: mini- erasers, pennies, buttons… really the sky is the limit.

The Magic E Rule

When the letter [E] is written at the end of a word, it usually changes the sound that the middle vowel makes.

For instance, [O] in the word “hop” changes its sound when an [E] is added at the end to make a new word “hope”.

Similarly, the [A] in “tap” changes to “tape” when the [E] is added.

In both cases, the middle vowel is strong-armed into saying its name while the [E] at the end stays silent.

Teachers affectionately refer to these silent sound changers as Magic Es or Bossy Es.

Playing Magic E Bingo

To start, I handed out the bingo boards and tokens to each player.

Then I drew a card from the top card in the stack, read it out loud, and all of the players who had that word on their board covered it with a marker.

The first player to cover a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of 4 words won.

Pretty straightforward, right?!

And the best part is that the kids simply cleared their boards and started practicing playing again.

I love sneaky learning, don’t you?

Ready to Play?!

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