Diphthong Puzzles

Activity for ages 6 to 8.

I’m super excited to celebrate Playdough to Plato’s 7th birthday with a brand new freebie your kids will love: diphthong puzzles!

Use the set as a guided reading activity, literacy center or word work station focusing on those tricky diphthongs including -AU, -AW, -EW, -OI, -OO and -OU.

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Getting Ready

Prep was super simple.

I ran off the puzzles and a follow up sheet for each child.

Using my scissors, I cut out each puzzle and then sliced along the middle lines to break the puzzles into halves.

Viola! The literacy center was all prepped.

Note: If you are using the puzzles in a classroom, you may want to laminate them for extra durability.

Diphthong Puzzles

Since I was going to use the puzzles with my seven year old, I wanted to first review diphthongs with him.

I reminded him that diphthongs are two letters (usually vowels) that are written side by side and make one special sound like /ou/, /aw/ or /oo/.

I had him pick out a puzzle piece.

Together, we sounded out the word “b-o-o-t” and I showed him how my mouth formed an O shape like I was sipping from a straw.

He found the picture of the boot and matched the halves together.

Then, pulling out his record sheet, he found the letter on the puzzle and wrote the word “boot” on the matching line labeled I.

Carefully, Grant worked on each puzzle, matching every word with its appropriate picture and then writing the set on the record sheet for extra practice.

The puzzles were a great activity for one-on-one review but it would make a great literacy game for a small group as well!

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