Working on comparing numbers?! This mega pack of motivating, hands-on activities is a must-try.

All eight games include easy ways to differentiate so you can quickly stretch students who are ready for a challenge or provide support for kids who need extra practice.

Grab your pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Then, check out our super fun Place Value Cover Up activity!

Comparing Numbers

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The eight comparing numbers games are perfect for preschool or kindergarten!

To start, students will use unifix cubes or LEGOS to build and compare number towers.

Comparing Numbers

Then they’ll count the buttons in each jar and clip the one holding the most with a clothespin.

(I love clip cards, don’t you?!)

Comparing Numbers

Children will compare two sets of counting bears to find the biggest number.

Comparing Numbers

And when they’re ready, they’ll start tackling comparison symbols with a set of handy alligators. Comparing Numbers

(You can easily stretch the activities for students who are ready for a challenge by swapping out the alligators for symbols and having kids write the number sentences on their sheets.)

Comparing Numbers

All eight kid-approved games make it fun to learn how to compare numbers!

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Download your pack in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!  Want more math fun!? Check out our Place Value Cover Up!

Comparing Numbers

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