Comparing Numbers


Working on comparing numbers?! This mega pack of motivating, hands-on activities is a must-try. All eight games include easy ways to differentiate so you can quickly stretch students who are ready for a challenge or provide support for kids who need extra practice.

The eight comparing numbers games are perfect for preschool or kindergarten!



–> Alligator Crunch. Help your alligator eat the cookie with the most chocolate chips.

–> Block Towers. Use unifix cubes or LEGOS to build and compare number towers.

–> Ten Frame Clip Cards. Compare the ten frames and clip the correct comparison symbol in the middle.

–> Roll and Compare. Roll the dice and write the corresponding comparison.

–> Number Munch. Complete the number sentence with the correct symbol.

–> Compare Bears. Compare two sets of counting bears to find the biggest number.

–> Button Jars. Count the buttons in each jar and clip the one holding the most.

–> Candy Shop. Flip two gumballs and make a number sentence.


“I LOVE this product. My math intervention students have learned to compare numbers faster than they ever have in past years as they played these games to practice this skill. They have been asking to play them every day since we began using this product a few weeks ago.” – Emily S.

“This resource was so helpful to use as an activity for my students when we were discussing comparing group sizes. The students were really engaged and it was easy to use. I would definitely recommend using this resource!” – Anna C.

“Great resource for my kindergarten special education students!” – Kerry N.

“I love this bundle! It had exactly what I was looking for and the kids love the math stations.” – Debbie E.

“This has been great to practice comparing in multiple ways!” – Rebecca M.

“Great resource for Kindergarten students! These make awesome Math Centers.” – Lisa W.