Comparing Numbers


Working on comparing numbers?! This mega pack of motivating, hands-on activities is a must-try. All eight games include easy ways to differentiate so you can quickly stretch students who are ready for a challenge or provide support for kids who need extra practice.

The eight comparing numbers games are perfect for preschool or kindergarten!


–> Alligator Crunch. Help your alligator eat the cookie with the most chocolate chips.

–> Block Towers. Use unifix cubes or LEGOS to build and compare number towers.

–> Ten Frame Clip Cards. Compare the ten frames and clip the correct comparison symbol in the middle.

–> Roll and Compare. Roll the dice and write the corresponding comparison.

–> Number Munch. Complete the number sentence with the correct symbol.

–> Compare Bears. Compare two sets of counting bears to find the biggest number.

–> Button Jars. Count the buttons in each jar and clip the one holding the most.

–> Candy Shop. Flip two gumballs and make a number sentence.

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