Looking for a no-prep all about me printable to start the new school year? You’ve come to the right spot.

Just print this free all about me newspaper and help students learn more about their new classmates.  Then, hop over to our shop to set up your writing center this year with our Writing Center Starter Kit!

We all know the beginning of the school year is hectic in the classroom. It is still important to take a small chunk of time to let the kiddos get to know their classmates. When young ones are comfortable in their surroundings, we all win!

All About Me Printable

This free all about me printable newspaper is for all the budding journalists out there (and the rest of us too). I love this one page newspaper activity for its ease of use and simplicity. It’s no-prep. No costly colored ink needed. Just print, pick up a pencil and get to work. You can get the free printable (HERE).

Kids can take a bit of time to share with their classmates what is important to them. It’s a nice keepsake to send home as well. Since the kids write in the date along with their age and current grade level, it’s perfect for parents to tuck away and save for reflection. Years later they can pull it out to treasure those early years and/or to embarrass their grown children. What parents don’t live for those moments?


Display Them Proudly

Kids are usually a curious bunch, so they will want to read each others’ all about me printable newspapers as well. Consider displaying the completed papers on a bulletin board, or if more room is needed, along a hallway wall.

Get creative with the backdrop. Instead of using the typical colored craft paper as a background, I used actual newspapers. I layered the papers on top of each other to make sort of a newsprint collage. Then, I posted my students’ work on top.

Voila! Fun and informative. Wouldn’t it be great if all news was that way?

Grab Your Copy

Download your free all about me newspaper!

Then, snag our Writing Center Starter Kit to bring out the author in your students this year!

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