Slinky Phonemic Awareness Game

If you’ve ever had a student who could sound out each letter in a CVC word but, when it came time to blend those sounds together, they said something else instead like “D-O-G. Drop?” then this phonemic awareness game is for you. Grab a slinky and get ready to s-t-r-e-t-c-h students’ phonemic awareness. Kids will love that it’s fun and YOU will love that it’s packed with learning.

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When Kids Struggle to Blend CVC Words

Sometimes children can sound out the individual letters in a word but then struggle to blend those sounds together: “P-I-G. Pot?”.

It’s tempting to think that the child just needs more practice with letter sounds, but what they *actually* need to work on is a skill called phonemic awareness. That means hearing the sounds in words and being able to move those sounds around.

For instance, there are two sounds in the word no: N-O.

And there are three sounds in the word rain: R-AI-N.

⚠️ Notice that there are FOUR letters in the spelling of rain but only THREE sounds (called phonemes).

The great news is that there are *so many* fun, hands-on ways to practice phonemic awareness and this is one of them…

Grab a slinky (the Dollar Store sells packs of 4 for $1) or pull out your basket of rubber bands and get ready to s-t-r-e-t-c-h words.

To play, children will grab a card and say the word they see. Then they’ll stretch out the sounds they hear with their slinky.

For instance, in the example above, they’d say:


/EA/ (Stretch the slinky.)

/T/ (Stretch the slinky wider.)

EAT. (Close the slinky.)

Then they’d pull a new card and start the process again!


/A/ (Stretch the slinky.)

/N/ (Stretch the slinky wider.)

/T/ (Stretch the slinky even wider.)

ANT. (Close the slinky.)

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