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    Word Work Bundle

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    BUNDLE AND SAVE! Add HUNDREDS of motivating word work stations to your collection so you can easily differentiate your literacy centers for a variety of reading levels. Print one center for students who are practice letter sounds, pull another center for kids who are working on blends…

    The Word Work Bundle includes ALL of my phonics and sight word packs… including all of the EDITABLE ones… so you have everything you need in one spot.

    It’s tailor-made for preschool, kindergarten and first grade teachers.



    The MEGA bundle includes 450+ centers practicing sight words and phonics skills:

    –> Rhyming

    –> Syllable segmenting

    –> Names

    –> Alphabet letter names and sounds

    –> Beginning sounds

    –> Short vowels

    –> CVC words

    –> Beginning digraphs

    –> Ending digraphs

    –> Beginning blends

    –> Ending blends

    –> Vowel teams

    –> Magic E words

    –> Diphthongs

    –> R-controlled vowels

    –> Compound words

    –> Sight Words

    –> Reading fluency

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    Epic STEM Challenge Bundle

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    Looking for easy prep, fun to solve STEM challenges for kids?! This epic bundle combines ALL of my STEM challenges into one easy purchase – my best-selling landmark cards, toothpick and playdough STEM structures, weight and length challenges… they’re all here! And that means you’ll get an entire year of STEM challenges in one easy download.

    Each activity pack includes easy to follow instructions, challenge cards, record sheets and answer keys.


    All 150+ challenges use simple supplies like toothpicks, pattern blocks and paper so you can quickly gather what you need without breaking the bank or making late night Target runs.



    –> Scientific Method Posters

    –> Editable STEM Box Labels and Student Checklist

    –> Toothpick Structure Challenge Cards

    –> Famous Landmark Challenge Cards

    –> Weight Measurement Challenges

    –> Linear Measurement Challenges

    –> Pattern Block Challenges

    –> Geoboard Challenges

    –> Computer Coding Challenge Cards

    –> Cookie Structure Challenges

    –> Marshmallow Boat Challenges

    –> Straw Challenges

    –> Craft Stick Puzzles

    –> Paper Challenges

    –> Molecules and Atoms

    –> 4 Season Building Cards

    –> Telling Time Challenges

    –> Christmas STEM Challenges

    –> Winter STEM Challenge

    –> Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges

    –> St. Patrick’s Day STEM Challenges

    –> Easter STEM Challenges

    –> Spring STEM Challenges

    –> Back to School STEM Challenges

    –> Apple STEM Challenges

    –> Farm STEM Challenges

    –> Fall STEM Challenges

    –> Holidays Around the World Challenges

    –> Snow STEM Challenges

    –> Rainbow STEM Challenges

    –> Earth Day STEM Challenges

    –> Building Block STEM Challenges

    –> Alphabet Geoboard Challenges

    –> Math Geoboard Challenges

    –> Symmetry Mats

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    Epic Science Bundle

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    Inspire kids to LOVE science with this mega bundle of science units! It’s jam packed with easy prep, engaging experiments teaching kids about weather, outer space, force and motion, the 5 senses, plant life cycle, and so much more.

    The science bundle is perfect to use for whole class lessons, small group work or science stations in Pre-K, Kindergarten, First or Second Grade.



    –> Outer Space

    –> Weather

    –> Force and Motion

    –> 5 Senses

    –> Plants

    –> Light, Sound and Heat

    –> Animals

    –> Landforms

    –> Human Body Systems

    –> States of Matter

    –> Bat Animal Study

    –> Super Cool Science Kit

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    Holidays Around the World Bundle

    Original price was: $36.99.Current price is: $29.99.

    Dive into holidays around the world this winter with a mega pack of math, literacy and STEM activities students will love!

    Use the fact sheets to teach important details about each holiday and then work on sight words, phonics, CVC word families, 2D shapes, number sequencing, addition, story writing, STEM skills and more.

    The 70+ activities are easy to differentiate for a variety of levels making the set perfect for kindergarten or first grade.

    Plus, as an exclusive bundle bonus, you’ll receive passports and stamps to keep track of your around the world adventure!!



    –> BONUS: Holidays around the world passport

    –> BONUS: Passport stamps

    –> BONUS: Holidays around the world journal covers

    –> 8 Holidays around the world STEM challenges

    –> 13 Hanukkah centers

    –> 14 Diwali centers

    –> 15 Chinese New Year centers

    –> 11 Kwanzaa centers

    –> 11 Las Posadas centers

    –> 9 St. Lucia’s Day centers

  • Reading Assessment Bundle

    Level up your reading instruction with these powerful phonics and phonological awareness assessments that makes it quick and easy to pinpoint each student’s needs and strengths. Assessing students’ reading skills is like turning on the lights in a dark room – suddenly you can see all of the spots that need a little extra TLC…
    When you discover that students need to work on letter sounds, you can practice it…
    If you find that kids are struggling with phoneme isolation, you can teach them…
    Identifying any holes in your students’ reading skills is the first step toward filling those holes so they can get big, fast reading results. And these ready-to-use phonics and phonological awareness assessments make that quick and easy!
    The phonics and phonological awareness assessments test 30 different skills and provides space to perform the assessments 3 times a year so you can easily track student growth over time. And to make sure you have everything you need in one spot, the forms includes simple scripts in each section so you know exactly what to say PLUS note-taking space where you can record general comments, strengths, needs, and follow-up plans.
    When you use these reading assessments to track data, writing report cards, sharing students’ growth at parent-teacher conferences, and sorting kids into small groups feels easy and purposeful.
  • 84 Decodable Centers

    This huge set of 84 decodable centers makes it quick and easy for you to provide playful phonics skill practice for all of your students.
    Differentiation is a breeze when you have access to games to reinforce whichever phonics skill each of your students is learning. There are 6 different games for each phonics skill, so you’ll have plenty of options for literacy centers, word work stations, small groups, or homeschool activities.
    Because the centers are decodable, the words are carefully selected to ensure that they contain only the phonics patterns and sight words that students have already been taught. This helps to build students’ fluency and confidence as they read, while also providing them with ample opportunities to practice and reinforce their new skills.
    Grab this massive bundle of centers to give your students fun, interactive practice with 14 phonics skills!
  • Phonics Toolkit


    Need an easier way to teach phonics in Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, or Second Grade? The Phonics Toolkit is your teaching dream come true because it gives you *everything* you need in one simple download:

    Step-by-step lesson plans for 128 different phonics skills that make it easy to teach students everything from the very first letter sound /m/ through complicated spelling patterns like the trigraph -TCH. Just flip to the page and read through each step!

    267 ready-to-use literacy centers that make it fun for kids to practice each of the phonics skills. Hit “print,” and you’re ready to play.

    Print-and-go reading passages that align with each lesson so you can stop time-sucking hunts for follow up practice material.

    Quick phonics assessments that make it easy to pinpoint the skills each student needs to learn next. (They come in print AND digital so you can pick your favorite!)

    Sound maps that help children memorize words that include each phonics skill in as little as 5 exposures.

    Playful handwriting activity sheets that make it fun to work on letter formation.

    …. And more!