Phonics Toolkit


Need an easier way to teach phonics in Pre-K, Kindergarten, First, or Second Grade? The Phonics Toolkit is your teaching dream come true because it gives you *everything* you need in one simple download:

Step-by-step lesson plans for 128 different phonics skills that make it easy to teach students everything from the very first letter sound /m/ through complicated spelling patterns like the trigraph -TCH. Just flip to the page and read through each step!

267 ready-to-use literacy centers that make it fun for kids to practice each of the phonics skills. Hit “print,” and you’re ready to play.

Print-and-go reading passages that align with each lesson so you can stop time-sucking hunts for follow up practice material.

Quick phonics assessments that make it easy to pinpoint the skills each student needs to learn next. (They come in print AND digital so you can pick your favorite!)

Sound maps that help children memorize words that include each phonics skill in as little as 5 exposures.

Playful handwriting activity sheets that make it fun to work on letter formation.

…. And more!


The Phonics Toolkit truly is your one-stop teaching shop.

And it makes differentiating for students a breeze because you finally have everything you need to give EVERY small group their just-right lesson. Just flip to the pages teaching:

→ Letter sounds

→ CVC short vowel word families

→ Digraphs

→ Floss rule

→ Silent E

→ Blends

→ Alternate spellings

→ Closed and open syllables

→ Vowel teams

→ Diphthongs

→ R-influenced vowels

→ Suffixes

→ Trigraphs

→ Prefixes

→ Contractions

→ Word endings

The Phonics Toolkit is a quick & simple download with a POWERFUL teaching impact!

Grab the Phonics Toolkit now and start enjoying stress-free phonics lessons right away.


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