Reading Assessment Bundle


Level up your reading instruction with these powerful phonics and phonological awareness assessments that makes it quick and easy to pinpoint each student’s needs and strengths. Assessing students’ reading skills is like turning on the lights in a dark room – suddenly you can see all of the spots that need a little extra TLC…
When you discover that students need to work on letter sounds, you can practice it…
If you find that kids are struggling with phoneme isolation, you can teach them…
Identifying any holes in your students’ reading skills is the first step toward filling those holes so they can get big, fast reading results. And these ready-to-use phonics and phonological awareness assessments make that quick and easy!
The phonics and phonological awareness assessments test 30 different skills and provides space to perform the assessments 3 times a year so you can easily track student growth over time. And to make sure you have everything you need in one spot, the forms includes simple scripts in each section so you know exactly what to say PLUS note-taking space where you can record general comments, strengths, needs, and follow-up plans.
When you use these reading assessments to track data, writing report cards, sharing students’ growth at parent-teacher conferences, and sorting kids into small groups feels easy and purposeful.


→ Letter sounds
→ Beginning sounds
→ Final sounds
→ Middle vowels
→ Beginning Digraphs
→ Ending Digraphs
→ Floss Rule
→ Silent E
→ Beginning Blends
→ Ending Blends
→ Word Endings
→ Vowel Teams
→ Diphthongs
→ R-Influenced Vowels
→ Suffixes
→ Trigraphs
→ Prefixes
→ Contractions
→ Segmenting sentences
→ Blending 1 syllable onset-rimes
→ Segmenting syllables 
→ Recognizing rhymes 
→ Producing rhymes
→ Identifying alliteration
→ Isolating phonemes – first sound 
→ Isolating phonemes – last sound 
→ Isolating phonemes – middle sound 
→ Segmenting phonemes
→ Substituting phonemes
→ Deleting phonemes


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