There’s nothing like a good book study to help things really click – you hear takeaways from other teachers that you may have missed when you were reading, you get answers to lingering questions, and can collaborate on ways to implement it all. And since my book, “The Science of Reading in Action”, gives you lots of ah-ha moments all on its own, using it as a book study will help you celebrate TONS of new teaching breakthroughs and success stories.

Snag your copy of the book over on Amazon and then print your study guide below.

You are welcome to use “The Science of Reading in Action” book study guide with your grade level team or your entire school building!

Our goal is to empower as many teachers as possible with the brain-friendly strategies and tools shared inside these pages so we are excited to give you this workbook to help support your group’s professional development.

Print Your Study Guide

Order your copy of “The Science of Reading in Action” and then click the big blue “download” here button below to grab your copy of the study guide.

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