I love using QR codes with my kindergarten students!  They’re a great way to integrate technology into a lesson and are very easy for young learners to use.  These Pumpkin QR code cards add a fun, fall-themed twist to math time.  This QR code activity is such a motivating way for kids to count from 1 to 20!

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Getting Ready

To prepare this QR code activity, I printed the QR code cards and double ten frame mat (below) on white cardstock.

(Both color and black and white copies are included in the download.  The black and white copy would look great on orange cardstock for fall!)

I slid the cards and mat through the laminator to give it extra durability.

Then, I made our Pumpkin Pie Playdough Recipe to use as pumpkins for counting on the ten frame mat.  You could also use candy pumpkins as counting manipulatives.


I made sure that I had a QR code reader app on my iPad to scan the QR codes on the cards.  (If you don’t have one already, just search for “free QR code reader” in your favorite app store.)

Pumpkin QR Code Cards Activity

To play, my students chose a QR code card from the pile and scanned it with the reader app on their device. A number popped up on the screen and they read it out loud.


Then, they counted out the same number of playdough pumpkins on their ten frame board, being careful to fill in the top row of squares before continuing to the row below.


Students loved scanning, reading and counting all twenty numbers!

Although my class completed the activity independently, you could easily have children work in pairs. Each set of partners could get a ten frame mat and take turns picking a QR code card and counting out a matching number of pumpkins.

After the second partner builds her number, students could compare who has more pumpkins and who has less on her ten frame.

Grab Your QR Cards

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