If your children are learning about fractions, these quick and easy pizza fraction clip-it cards will help consolidate their understanding. They are a fun way to practice recognizing and reading fraction names for halves and quarters. Kids can even make their own!

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Getting Ready

I downloaded the free printable (below). Then I printed the pages onto cardstock and cut them to separate. (You could also laminate if you want extra protection.)

Since we would use little clothespins for clipping the correct answers, I grabbed a pack for just a few dollars. You could also use paper clips if you don’t have pegs. They work just as well!

Quick and easy clip it cards for practicing pizza fractions!

The Activity

To play, children looked at each pizza, counted the parts and clipped their peg to the correct answer.

The pizzas are all divided into 2 parts or 4 parts to help children understand that the bottom number of a fraction tells them how many parts will make up one whole. Once they determined that bottom number, they then counted up how many pieces of pizza were on the dish to figure out the top number of the fraction.

Please note that instead of writing ‘one whole’ these cards use ‘two halves’ or ‘four quarters’ so it’s important that children understand that they are the same.

There is one pizza that has both 2/4 and 1/2 as possible correct answers. This is a good opportunity to talk about how and why both fractions equal the same amount of pizza!

Quick and easy clip it cards for practicing pizza fractions!

Create Your Own

Included in the printable is one page with 6 black and white pizza trays ready for kids to create their own pizza fraction clip-it cards. Simply print off the page and ask them to create their favorite fractions for other children to clip. It’s an excellent way to check their understanding.

Get Your Free Printable

Download your free Pizza Fraction Clip It Cards and then hop over and grab our Place Value Cover Up, too!

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  1. Hi Liz, thanks for the great printable. I am really looking forward to using your sheets with my son. I have one request (I know there are blank sheets for us to fill in), could you add more “pizza” sheets with the decimal numbers instead of the written and numeric values? I think it will help him understand that there is another step to fractions to decimals.

    1. I’m glad you like the cards, Jane! Unfortunately, I’m not able to add the decimal numbers but I’ll certainly keep them in mind for next time. Thanks so much for that suggestion!

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