Do your kids love the Peanuts movie!?  Even if they’ve never seen it, these characters are loveable the first time you meet them. We’ve created fun and educational Peanuts movie activities for kids featuring these classic characters!

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Peanuts Playdough Mats

With their new bags in hand, I knew it was the perfect time to sneak in some learning. (That’s my thing, after all.) So I pulled together two motivating Peanuts activities: a batch of 1-10 playdough mats and 1-40 number puzzles.

First up were the playdough mats!

Awesome FREE playdough mats for the new Peanuts Movie. Fun kids activity practicing counting, fine motor skills, number formation and more.

I simply printed the mats (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability and laminated them so that the playdough wouldn’t stick. Then, I grabbed our batch of fresh playdough and invited my boys to join me.

Super fun Peanuts playdough mats

They loved rolling the dough to trace the numbers and fill in the ten frames. 1 ball of dough in the one ten frame, 2 balls of dough in the next…

Peanuts Number Puzzles

When my boys were ready for a new challenge, I brought out a new set of Peanuts activities: fun number puzzles!  (I’d printed them on cardstock to make them sturdy and cut along the grey lines to separate the pieces.)

Middle Brother (age 4) started with the 1-10 set first. He mixed up the pieces and then used the numbers at the bottom of each one to arrange them in order from one to ten. You can imagine his excitement when he realized that he was piecing together Charlie Brown!

Fun Peanuts Number Puzzles for 1-40!

Meanwhile, Big Brother (age 5.5) wanted to tackle a more difficult puzzle so he grabbed the 31-40 set and happily slid the pieces into place.

Adorable Peanuts Number Puzzles for 1-40!

Snack Time

The kids were hungry after all of the playful learning so we pulled out a healthy snack Charlie Brown and Snoopy would love: a bag of Horizon Organic’s shape cheese and Pop-Secret Homestyle popcorn. DE-licious!

Healthy kids' snack Shapes cheese and Pop-Secret popcorn!

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