Kids love learning about how things grow and these adorable Little Sprout Houses take the science fun factor up a notch. With just a few minutes of prep, you’ll be ready for WEEKS of mesmerizing excitement!

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Getting Ready

To prep, I picked up a pack of fast-sprouting seeds at the store. A few of my favorite varieties include lima beans, cowpeas, snap peas, sunflower seeds, marigolds, radishes, alfalfa sprouts and mung bean.

My kids filled a cup with water and dropped in the seeds to soak them overnight. This extra step is an old farmer’s trick for speeding up the germination process.

Little Sprout House Seeds

The next morning, the kids grabbed six cotton balls each, dipped them in water and squeezed out the extra so that it was wet but not dripping. They slid them into a Ziploc and dropped in a couple of the seeds.

Making little sprout houses!

I printed the Little Sprout Houses on cardstock to give them extra durability and make the colors really pop. Since the templates for the houses are pretty unforgiving, I cut them out with scissors myself instead of having the kids help me.

My Little Sprout House Printable Templates

Then, we flipped the houses upside down and taped the bag to the back.

Printable Little Sprout Houses

Watching the Little Sprout Houses

We grabbed a couple pieces of tape and hung the Little Sprout Houses on the window.

The kids checked in on their houses several times a day and, after almost a week, they were THRILLED to discover a teeny tiny sprout emerge from one of the seeds.

That was all it took!  Soon after that, the seeds sprouted quickly and we soon moved them into our garden!

The Science Behind It

A seed needs water and warmth to grow. The Ziploc bag creates a mini green house that makes warm, moist air from the sunlight shining through the window and the water contained in the cotton balls. The happy seed quickly sprouts.

Snag Your Little Sprout Houses

Grab these sprout houses (plus 30 more easy-to-follow science experiments kids will beg to repeat!)  in our shop!

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