These must-try weather activities for kids are fun, hands-on ways to teach about temperatures, clouds, rain… even tornadoes!! Whether you’re in need of a quick kids’ science project or are looking for something more crafty, we’ve got you covered.

These ideas are the perfect compliment to our 30 Science Experiments for kids in our shop!

Whip up a tornado in a jar!

Count and clip rainy day must-haves.

Rainy day number clip cards. Fun for a weather or spring unit!

Discover where rain comes from with a simple prep Water Cycle in a Bag. {This one entertained my boys for DAYS!!}

Learn about the ten different kinds of clouds and then make your own cloud in a jar. // The Happy Housewife


Match numbered clouds to rain drops. // My Nearest and Dearest


In a crafty kinda’ mood?! Turn cotton balls into whispy, stormy or puffy clouds. // Primary Punch


Make a weather station to keep track of rain, temperature and sunshine. // Mr. Printables

Clip the temperatures on these adorable freebies from Leptir. // Photo by Sorting Sprinkles


Introduce young kids to different types of weather by playing with some DIY weather sensory bottles. Genius! // Tw0daloo


Read some weather-themed children’s books. // Buggy and Buddy

weather-headerCreate fog in a bottle. // What We Do All Day


Learn about wind by blowing a toy sailboat with your breath and shooting feathers through a straw. // Stir the Wonder


In need of a simple science experiment with a big wow factor? Create lightning-like sparks. // Learn Play Imagine

Demonstrating Lightning (1)

Set out some pinecones and start making some weather predictions. // Science Sparks


Make some fluffy, powdery, COLD snow with just two ingredients. // Growing a Jeweled Rose

homemade snow recipe 1

And finally, find out how much water is really in snow by melting it. So easy and memorable!! // Simple Little Home


Continue the Fun

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