Must-Try Weather Activities for Kids

These must-try weather activities for kids are fun, hands-on ways to teach about temperatures, clouds, rain… even tornadoes!! Whether you’re in need of a quick kids’ science project or are looking for something more crafty, we’ve got you covered. These ideas are the perfect addition to our popular Weather Activity Pack!

Whip up a tornado in a jar!

Count and clip rainy day must-haves.

Rainy day number clip cards. Fun for a weather or spring unit!

Discover where rain comes from with a simple prep Water Cycle in a Bag. {This one entertained my boys for DAYS!!}

Learn about the ten different kinds of clouds and then make your own cloud in a jar. // The Happy Housewife


Match numbered clouds to rain drops. // My Nearest and Dearest


In a crafty kinda’ mood?! Turn cotton balls into whispy, stormy or puffy clouds. // Primary Punch


Make a weather station to keep track of rain, temperature and sunshine. // Mr. Printables

Clip the temperatures on these adorable freebies from Leptir. // Photo by Sorting Sprinkles


Introduce young kids to different types of weather by playing with some DIY weather sensory bottles. Genius! // Tw0daloo


Read some weather-themed children’s books. // Buggy and Buddy

weather-headerCreate fog in a bottle. // What We Do All Day


Learn about wind by blowing a toy sailboat with your breath and shooting feathers through a straw. // Stir the Wonder


In need of a simple science experiment with a big wow factor? Create lightning-like sparks. // Learn Play Imagine

Demonstrating Lightning (1)

Set out some pinecones and start making some weather predictions. // Science Sparks


Make some fluffy, powdery, COLD snow with just two ingredients. // Growing a Jeweled Rose

homemade snow recipe 1

And finally, find out how much water is really in snow by melting it. So easy and memorable!! // Simple Little Home


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