Magic Pipe Cleaners

From making a rainbow in a jar to whipping up a batch of fizzy bath bombs, we’ve been doing plenty of fun kids’ science projects lately. Our newest science experiment, Magic Pipe Cleaners, is a simple prep, hands-on way to teach kids about magnetism.

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So fun! Simple set up science experiment for kids: Magic Pipe Cleaners. {Playdough to Plato}

Getting Ready

I grabbed an empty plastic box from our recycling bin and filled it with pipe cleaners I’d cut into one inch pieces. {An empty water bottle would work well too.}

I secured the top with tape to make sure that the pipe cleaners stayed inside the box. Then I used my hot glue gun to attach a fridge magnet to a wide tongue depressor, magnet side up. The stick was instantly transformed into a magnetic wand.

So fun! Simple set up science experiment for kids: Magic Pipe Cleaners. {Playdough to Plato}

Magic Pipe Cleaners

I invited my son over and carefully dragged the magnetic wand along the side of the box from bottom to top. As the wand inched up, so did several pipe cleaners.

“WHOA!!” he said. “Can I try?!” I happily handed over the supplies and watched him excitedly move the pipe cleaners around the box. He was completely fascinated.

Magic Pipe Cleaners

The Science Behind It

After several minutes of play, I pointed out the magnet at the end of my son’s wand. I explained that magnets attract certain types of metal – pulling them close. Since the pipe cleaners have a thin strip of metal, the magnet is able to attract the pieces and pull them around the clear plastic box.

My son was eager to run around the house finding other objects that were attracted to his magnet. Discovering that the door stopper would actually dangle from his wand was a HUGE moment.So fun! Simple set up science experiment for kids: Magic Pipe Cleaners. {Playdough to Plato}

More Science

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  1. rebecca

    I love this sight and with the grandbaby’s this summer me and my youngest we are going to do a lot of the procects and teach them about science thank,
    one proud grandma

    • Malia Hollowell

      What a fun summer you have ahead of you!! I’m excited that our fun learning activities will come in handy, Rebecca. Thanks for leaving a note. 🙂



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