This greater than, less than game is perfect for bug fans! Kids will love comparing creepy-crawly sets of two-digit insects in this fun, free greater than, less than game.

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One of the most important math concepts for kids to grasp when dealing with two-digit numbers is that they are made up of groups of tens and ones. Children can learn numbers by rote, but that doesn’t mean they truly understand what those numbers mean.

So teachers everywhere like children to practice putting objects into groups of ten and this greater than, less than game is no different! Rather than creating 10 strips of ten bugs for this game, each “decade” has been kept as a group to encourage children’s brains to take a snapshot of what 30 ladybugs or 50 ants look like.

Getting Ready

There are detailed instructions in the Greater Than, Less Than Game printable but, in a snapshot, simply print off the game mat, bugs and bug number houses in either color or black and white (HERE). Cut them apart, laminate if you wish and you’re ready to go!

If you want to turn it into a file folder game, it will store really nicely and a cover has been included for this option. Simply cut the folder to a good size, glue in the mat and attach the baggies with double-sided tape.

This greater than, less than activity makes an excellent file folder game.

Greater Than, Less Than Game

Kids randomly choose 2 bug number houses and place them at the top of the mat. Sorting through the bugs, they find the right number to place underneath and then visually compare the 2 groups of bugs. Deciding which side is greater than and which side is less than, they add the correct < or > jars to the mat. It’s good for them to say the completed equation out loud, for example, “42 is greater than 36.”

Quick, easy and free practice with greater than and less than!

To play in pairs, one child can create the number on the left and the other child the number on the right. Then, they can decide together which one is greater than, or less than, the other.

If you don’t want to use a mat, it’s no problem. In fact, each child can store their own bugs and numbers in a small envelope and pull them out when they’re ready to do some number work.

Grab Your Set

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    1. Hi Julir,
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  2. Can you send me the Greater than Less than bug game?

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