Are your little readers working on reading short vowel words this fall?

This sort is the perfect way to practice reading simple words while identifying the medial short vowel sound with a fun seasonal twist.

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Fall Short Vowel Sort

Getting Ready

Prep was simple!

I printed and cut the vowel sorting cards apart.

Then I printed off a record sheet for each student.

That’s it! Easy peasy.

Fall Short Vowel Sort

The Activity

To start this activity, I sat my students down on the carpet and had a short little conversation to make the activity even more engaging.

It went like this:

Me: “Do you know why people put out scarecrows?”

Student: “To scare the crows away from the garden.”

Me:  “Well in this game, these brave crows are saying, “These vowels don’t scare me!”  They are going to sneak and land right by the scarecrow that has the same vowel sound as their word.  Do you think you can get all of the crows by the right vowel sound?  Of course you can! Because vowels don’t scare us.”

Then it was time to play.

Fall Short Vowel Sort

I laid out all the cards and had the kids choose a brave crow.

The first student drew a crow with the word “nap” on it.

She said the word out loud, “n…a…p.” Then she bravely placed the card by the scarecrow with the short A.

One by one, we went in a circle, repeating the process until all the crows had found the correct scarecrow.

Once all the words had been sorted, I handed out the record sheets and pencils.

Students looked at each scarecrow and chose three words to write under each column.

It was a great way to review vowel sounds and practice some spelling!

Fall Short Vowel Sort

Ready for some fall fun?

Scroll down and click on the blue button to download the vowel sort. Then make sure to hop over and pick up even more vowel fun with our Vowel Team Centers!

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