Students will have so much fun counting from 1 to 20 with this playful dinosaur counting mat.

Use it for small group work, partner work, or at a math station. Then, hop on over and check out our Number Formation Pack!

Getting Ready

The counting mat was so easy to prepare!

I chose to print the download (found below) on colored cardstock and laminated the mat to give it added durability.

(There is also a color version that can be printed on white cardstock if you’re comfortable using some of your colored ink.)

Then, I grabbed some of the dinosaur pasta I found at Walmart along with a pencil and paper clip for making the spinner.

That’s it! We were ready for some dinosaur-counting fun!

Dinosaur Counting Mat

To play, students took turns spinning the 1-20 spinner.

The first student spun a seven.

Together, we counted out seven pasta dinosaurs on the ten frame. The activity was great for practicing one-to-one counting practice.

The next student spun a 16 and then placed 16 dinosaurs on the ten frames.

I love how easily my students could see the group of ten and the extra ones they needed to place on the counting mat to make the teens.

Students repeated the process of spinning and counting until their time was finished.

If you have dinosaur mini erasers from Target, they would also work perfectly with this dinosaur counting mat!

Grab Your Download

Ready for some counting fun?! Just click the button below to grab your free download!

Then, make sure to hop over and snag our Number Formation Pack for more math fun!

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