CVC sound boxes are an awesome way to help kids learn how to sound out and spell simple three letter words such as cat, log and dog. These print and play sound box mats are a ready to go literacy center or word work station.

Since kids can practice spelling the CVC words using magnetic letters or an erasable marker, they’ll get plenty of use. For more word work, check out our Editable Word Work Games in our shop!

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Getting Ready

I began by printing the cards (below) on cardstock to give them extra durability.

I cut along the dotted lines to separate the pieces and added strength by running them through my laminator.

Write and Wipe

There are two ways to use the cards so I split the activities over a few weeks.

First, I introduced the write and wipe activity. The kids sounded out the words and then wrote each sound in the boxes with an erasable marker.

CVC Write and Wipe

We used ordinary washable markers, which were really easy to remove with a damp cloth. I find whiteboard markers can be more difficult to remove from laminated activities so I save them for whiteboard.

Building with Magnetic Letters

In the second week, I switched up the activity slightly by using magnetic letters like these ones. I grabbed a cookie tray from my class cabinets and placed the cards on top so that the magnetic letters could stick to them.

CVC Magnetic Letters

The kids in my class loved sticking the magnetic letters in the correct spots!

Grab Your Set

Get ready for some seriously fun hands-on learning! Click the blue button below to download your pack and then hop over and snag our Editable Word Work Games, too!

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