No summer is complete without a camping trip or two!  This fun set of camping writing prompts is a great way for kids to do a little creative writing and engage their imagination.

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Getting Ready

Prep for these camping writing prompts was easy peasy.

I printed the writing prompts on plain white copy paper and the writing reminders on some colorful cardstock (so they could be used again).

Using my paper cutter, I quickly cut out one writing reminder for each child.

I grabbed some crayons and pencils and we were all set!

Camping Writing Prompts

To start, I asked the kids to tell me about some of their favorite camping or hiking memories. For students who had never been camping before, I pulled out a stack of my favorite camping stories from the library.

Then, I handed out the first writing prompt and a colorful writing reminder to each child.

Together, the kids read the vocabulary words from the bottom of the page as I wrote the word and definition on the board.

Then, it was time to engage their imagination and creativity.

Each child wrote their story and then we went back together to make sure they had covered the writing reminders: use punctuation, check spelling, look up unfamiliar words and re-read the story to make sure it makes sense.

After each page was written, the children took some time coloring the top.

We worked our way through each of the five writing prompts throughout the week.

And the last day, the kids colored their book cover and stapled their Camping Adventure Book together.

It was so fun to see the kids engage in some creative thought process as they practiced their writing skills.  These camping prompts were a huge hit!

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