This playful apple-themed sight word game is the perfect addition to your fall literacy centers! Kids will love racing to be the first to dot all of the sight words on their sheet. It’s a motivating combination of dot markers and sight word surprises.

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Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I copied one Dot an Apple record sheet (below) for each student.

Then, I printed the apple cards on card stock to give them extra durability and laminated them before cutting along the black lines to separate the pieces.

I grabbed our batch of dot markers and we were ready to play!

Dot an Apple Sight Word Game

To play, we placed the apple cards face down in a pile in the center of the table.

Each student grabbed a record sheet and a dot marker. They drew the top card from the pile and read the word on the apple card out loud. Then, they found the apple with the same word on their sheets.

The students used a dot marker to dab the apple with the same word.

You can either give students a specific color or let them choose several. My kiddos love making their papers look like rainbows, so they used all of the colors.

The kids continued to play until they read and marked every sight word.

The game is a great activity to play individually or in groups.

If your students play together, players will take turns drawing a card. Everyone in the group will read the card together and then dot the matching apple.  It’s the perfect sight word game for fall!

Grab Your Set

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