Transportation Word Puzzles

Activity for ages 3 to 6.

Kids love things that move! Some of the first terms that children learn are the different vehicles that they see on the streets and in the air. It’s no wonder, really. Wheels turning, loud noises, and the magic of things soaring through the air easily capture the attention of a small child.

That’s why it’s so fun to introduce learning concepts with vehicles, like these transportation word puzzles. The puzzles work great in any transportation unit!


These transportation word puzzles introduce the spelling of different vehicles in a way that every child can understand. They can be used with an early learner to simply expose them to the letters and word formations and they can also capture the attention of an early elementary child who is learning about phonics and how the words are really spelled.


Getting Ready

To prep, we simply printed the puzzles on cardstock and laminated them to make them more durable. It is possible to skip laminating, but if you plan to use them more than once or with several children, laminating will make them last.

For young learners, give one puzzle at a time, helping them focus on the shape of the vehicle more than the letters at the bottom of the puzzle.

When the puzzle is completed, spell the word out loud, pointing at each letter as you go. Then say the word.


For an older child who is ready to practice spelling, you can mix all the puzzles together to provide more of a challenge. They will need to sort the puzzle pieces as they complete the puzzles.

Have them focus more on the letters at the bottom. If they are missing a piece, ask them what letter they should be looking for rather than a part of the picture.


Download Your Set

Grab your free transportation word puzzles below and then hop over and check out all of our free printables!


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    I’m having a hard time finding where the link is to download this?


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