The Reading Wand

Whenever I asked my kindergarten or second grade students to name their favorite part of the day, “recess” always seemed to be #1 on their list.  They loved playing, talking and moving with their friends.  So it’s no surprise that their favorite reading activity was usually “Read Around the Room”- an activity your family will quickly fall in love with too.

Reading Wand

To prep, you’ll first need a wand.  Feel free to use a wand from your dress up box if you already have one or, if you’d rather make a reading wand like the one pictured here, hot glue a small wooden star onto a wooden dowel and then spray paint it.  I made mine gold but you could paint yours any color under the rainbow.

Reading Wand

To ensure that your child has plenty of words to read, write the name of common household objects on a handful of post-it notes. My list included {table, chair, door, window, television, bed, refrigerator…}.  Stick the paper onto each object as a label.  Then give your child his new reading wand and set him free to “read around the house”.

To play, he’ll tap each word with his magic wand and read it out loud. You will be amazed by the number of words he will recognize… and the number of smiles you will see!

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  1. That Fun Reading Teacher

    What a great post. Life really is in the details, isn’t it? The kindergarten students at our school love this activity, too. One of our teachers has a gloved hand (perhaps Mickey Mouse?). I am so happy to have found you on Twitter! You have so many terrific, creative ideas here. I will be sure to link up with you in future posts and on my Facebook page!

    • Malia

      I love the gloved hand idea! Thanks so much for taking the time to say “hello” and introduce yourself.


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