If you’re looking for a fun little Thanksgiving book, we’ve got you covered! Kids will love reading about these yummy Thanksgiving foods! It’s the perfect complement to our Thanksgiving Activity Pack.

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Thanksgiving Book

Getting Ready

I love using emergent readers with my students.  The repetitive text and high frequency words help build their fluency and confidence with reading.

To prepare the Thanksgiving book (below), I first printed a set of all eight pages for each of my students.

There are two of each book page per page so I simply cut the book in half and added two staples on the side to secure them.

Then I grabbed some crayons for my students to add color to the pages of the book and I was all set!

Thanksgiving Book

Thanksgiving Foods Book

To introduce the book, my students and I had a quick discussion about Thanksgiving foods.

Then we looked through the book to find high frequency words, letters, punctuation, spaces, etc.

We practiced pointing to each word on the page to read the sentences.  Each page included repetitive text made from the high frequency sight words: “We like to eat the…”

Thanksgiving Book

My early readers were able to use the pictures to help them determine the Thanksgiving food shown.

My students loved coloring in the pages of their book when they were through!

This little book is perfect to use with your whole class or in a small guided reading group.

Students can keep their book in their book baskets for independent and buddy reading.

It could even be sent home for students to read with their families!

Thanksgiving Book

Grab your Thanksgiving Foods Book

Ready to have your students using high frequency words to read about Thanksgiving Foods too?!

Click the blue button below to grab your free Thanksgiving Foods little book and then hop over and grab more of our awesome readers with our Emergent Readers Bundle!

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  1. Wow..That is wonderful. I loved your thanksgiving book. I am sure this will work awesome. I will definitely make this tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Susan!
      I hope you and yours find hours of learning and inspiration!

  2. Hello! I am trying to download this book but it takes me to a page not found picture under a “Leadpages” website. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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