This playful shark roll and cover game is a must-play! As kids race to cover all of their shark’s teeth, they won’t even notice they’re practicing counting, subitizing (instantly recognizing numbers), and adding at the same time.

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Getting Ready

To prep the roll and cover game, I printed the Shark Roll and Cover (below) on cardstock to give it extra durability and make the colors pop.

There are two versions of the game – one practices counting 1-6 and the other works on addition to 12. Since I wanted Middle Brother (age 4.5) to use the second option, I grabbed two dice and our box of pattern blocks.

Shark Roll and Cover

Middle Brother was super excited to get started. (Life doesn’t get much cooler than playing with shark teeth, after all!)

He rolled the dice and added the numbers together. Five! He slid his first tooth into place – covering the five.

Free roll and cover shark game!

He rolled again and a pair of sixes landed on top. Since their sum is twelve, he covered it on his game board.

Fun shark addition game for kids!

One roll after the next, he found the sum and added a tooth.

Grab Your Download

Scroll down and click the blue button below to snag your free roll and cover game and then for more math fun, check out our Place Value Cover Up in our shop!

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