Shamrock Sight Word Puzzles

These shamrock sight word puzzles are the perfect addition to your March literacy centers and word work time.

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Getting Ready

To prep this activity, I printed each page on cardstock and used a paper cutter to cut around the outer black lines.

Then, I cut down all of the vertical lines before separating the horizontal lines.

To make the sight word puzzle pieces extra durable for use year after year, I ran them through the laminator.

Sight Word Puzzles

Each of the eight puzzles has a different expression, giving students clues about which pieces belong together.

First, we put the pieces for each shamrock in piles.

Then, the students grabbed just one shamrock at a time so that they could focus on one word without getting frustrated by shuffling through too many pieces.

They moved the strips around until they were lined up correctly, using the picture of the shamrock’s face as a clue.

Then they looked at the letters to proudly sound out the sight word: for!  They had completed their first sight word puzzle!

Sight Word Extension Ideas

If kids are ready for a challenge, mix up the pieces for 3 or 4 puzzles and give them all of the pieces at once.

Grab Your Set

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  1. nicole gracia

    Hi–There is a typo on one of the puzzles. It is supposed to spell the word ‘two’ but instead of an ‘o’ there is a ‘p’.

    • Kimberleigh

      Thank you, Nicole, for reaching out and letting us know. Great eyes!
      We are working on correcting this error and will have an updated version posted soon!


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