This reindeer sight words matching game will make December sight word practice fun and festive!

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Getting Ready

Prepping this game was super simple!

I simply printed the game cards, laminated them for easy reuse, and then used a paper cutter to cut along the black lines.

Reindeer Sight Words Matching Game

To play, we shuffled the sight word cards and spread them out face down on our table.

Player One turned over a sight word card and read the word “my.”

Then she turned over a second card and read that word out loud: “she.”

Since the sight word cards did not match, she turned them back over and it was Player Two’s turn.

She turned over a card and read “two.”

Her next pick was also “two” and since they matched, she kept the pair and took another turn.

There was no match on the next turn, so it was back to Player One!

They continued to play until all of the cards had been matched.

When they were finished, each player counted the number of matches they found and the person with the most was declared the winner.

The quick and simple sight words matching game was such a motivating way to work on sight words!

Grab Your Set

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  1. When I try to print a freebie I get a pop up message that says it is a password protected document and so prevents me from printing. Any suggestions?

    1. Hello Julia,
      Thanks for reaching out, I am happy to help.
      Please download the most recent version of Adobe Reader it is free and available here:
      Once it is downloaded, please try to download the Reindeer Sight Word game again.
      Finger crossed, this does the trick!
      Kimberleigh // Happiness Ambassador

  2. The blue button is not working Goethe Reindeer matching games is not working. Help!

    1. Thanks so much for letting us know that the download button wasn’t working! It’s been fixed so you can grab the freebie now.

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