Decodable Digraph Centers


These 6 decodable centers make it beyond simple and fun to practice digraphs. The 17 different games give you all the options you need for literacy centers, word work stations, small groups, or homeschool activities. 
Because the centers are decodable, the words are carefully selected to ensure that they contain only the phonics patterns and sight words that students have already been taught. This helps to build students’ fluency and confidence as they read, while also providing them with ample opportunities to practice and reinforce their new skills.
This big pack practices 9 of the most common digraphs: CH-, -CK, KN-, -NG, QU-, SH, TH, WH-, and WR-.
Grab these centers to give your students fun, interactive digraph practice


Hide & Seek
Word Race
Roll it, Read it, Write it
Roll, Read, & Write
Word Puzzles


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