Mitten Name Sort

Activity for ages 3 to 5.

My four year old and I have been playing games with the letters of his name for quite awhile now. I taught him a silly song to help him learn how to spell it, we’ve built his name with blocks, turned it into a rainbow… the list goes on and on. So I knew he would have fun playing a new name game I created for him: Mitten Sort. It’s a low prep way to help kids practice spelling their names and sneak in some fine motor practice.

Fun name game for kids. Have kids pin their mitten letters in the right order. {Playdough to Plato}

Getting Ready

Since my son has five letters in his name, I cut out five construction paper mittens and wrote one letter on the front of each. I hung a strand of twine from one side of our mantle to the other and used clothespins to hang the mittens on the twine.


I called my son over to the mantle and explained that we were going to play a new name game. To help our brains get ready, we needed to sing the name song I created for him. {Find out my easy trick for making a personalized name song here.} Each time we sang a letter of his name, I pointed to the matching mitten like this:

{Sung to the tune of “Bingo”.}

There was a family had a boy and Chase was his name-o.

C {pointed to the C}

H {pointed to the H}

A {pointed to the A}

S {pointed to the S}

E {pointed to the E}…

Then came the challenge. I took down the mittens and mixed them up on the floor. I invited him to pin the mittens on the string again in the correct order. “Easy!!” he said. He quickly bent down, grabbed his first letter and began pinning them up again.

Simple name game for kids. {Playdough to Plato}

We’ve been practicing his name for awhile now so he made quick work of unscrambling the letters in his name. He gave me a little “See?! I told you I could do it” kind of grin and asked to play again.

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