Force and Motion Activity Pack

Activities for ages 5 to 7.

Studying force and motion?! These six science experiments and colorful posters are a must! The easy to follow directions and printable record sheets make the activity pack perfect to use as science centers, STEM projects or whole class lessons. Grab your set in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!


Peek Inside

The Force and Motion Activity Pack includes 10 colorful posters that introduce young scientists to important physics vocabulary including force, motion, magnetism, push, and pull.


Using the posters as an introduction to each activity, kids jump into six science experiments. They test whether objects roll,


And then build and test Matchbox car ramps with different slopes.

what-car-will-roll-the-fastestStudents learn the difference between push and pull and then apply it to solve a motivating dabbing sheet.

push-or-pull-dabbing-sheetThey complete two domino experiments to test the affect of different strengths of force.

dominoes-experimentsThen kids learn about magnetism by exploring whether objects are magnetic,


And then solving magnet mazes. So fun!

magnet-mazeGrab Your Set

Jump into Force and Motion and grab your instant download in our shop or on Teachers Pay Teachers!


Save time, stay inspired and get EVERY student bigger results!

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  1. Kirsten

    Is it possible to buy just the mazes? I’m part of a co-op and need one thing to do, not a whole unit. Thanks!



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