Whether you’re planning a trip to the beach or you’re just dreaming about warm summer weather, this motivating writing project is a must-try activity for kindergarten or first grade.

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I have some first graders who love writing and some who are a little more reluctant.

To engage ALL of my students, I try to mix things up pretty frequently and allow my students to have choices with their writing.

Since we have been enjoying some seriously warm weather recently, I created a cute beach bucket activity to help spark my first graders’ motivation and imagination.

Getting Ready

It was easy to prep this activity!

I simply printed a cover page and writing page for each of my students.  Because I knew some kiddos would write a lot, I made sure to have extra writing pages for anyone who wanted two or three.

Beach Bucket Writing

Once I had everything ready, I invited my students to our classroom carpet.

To really grab my students’ attention, I instructed them to close their eyes for a minute and listen to the sounds of the beach.

We had practiced “visualizing” earlier in the year, so I told my students to picture themselves at the beach – either a real memory from going there or what they would imagine it would be like.

After about a minute, I asked students to share what they pictured in their minds.

Hands immediately went up into the air, and I called on as many kiddos as I could to share.

“I pictured myself digging a big hole in the sand.”

“I visualized the waves crashing down.”

“I saw my mom putting sunscreen on me.”

Since I love telling students about me as a person (and not just a teacher), I shared about how most of my family lives in Hawaii and how much I love going to one particular beach whenever I visit.

I explained that my family and I went to this beach all the time when I was a kid.  My mom, my sister and I even ended up in the picture on the cover of the brochure in the gift shop!

I emphasized that when we started writing, each student would have a different experience to write about.  Mine would be about the beach in Hawaii, and theirs would be totally different.

It could be a small moment from a real trip to the beach, or a story with details from our visualizations.

I quickly modeled my creative writing piece – showing how to correctly cut out each of the buckets and draw a picture to match!

Then, I sent my kiddos off to work!

I made it a point to check in with each child and have them read their work to me.

I asked questions and prompted my students to add more details.

Students also paired up and shared helpful feedback with each other.

We worked on the beach buckets for a few days, stapled them together and then hung them up in the hall with some cute beach-themed decorations around them.

Grab Your Copy

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  1. I would like to use this with my small GoogleClassroom class. Is that okay? It is adorable!

    1. Just emailed you, Lucia.
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  2. I am not able to download the free activity. Please let me know how I can get a copy of the beach day activity. The download here blue button does not work.

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