4th of July Preschool Pack

Activities for ages 4 to 6.

Are you looking to introduce some fun 4th of July early learning activities to your preschooler? Well look no further! These two jam packed activity packets are the perfect solution. Combined, this gives you a fantastic handwriting practice workbook, along with two number puzzles(depending on your students’ abilities) PLUS a fun flag craft!

So buckle up, and get ready to have some fun learning this 4th of July season!

Preschool Activities for the 4th of Juy

4th of July Handwriting

Start by downloading the Handwriting Practice workbook {HERE} – and printing on plain white copy paper.

The pages entail:

  • In the upper left corner, you’ll see a large example of how to write both the uppercase and the lowercase letter.
  • In the upper right corner is your patriotic image!
  • Underneath the picture, the first line of letters will be uppercase examples of writing.
    • Underneath those letters, have your child practice writing their letters *sized correctly*.
  • Below the uppercase letters and practice you’ll see lowercase examples of writing.
    • Underneath those letters have your child practice writing their letters *sized correctly*.
  • Along the bottom you’ll see rectangles and circles.
    • Rectangles – Have your child write the UPPERCASE letter inside of the rectangles.
    • Circles – Have your child write the lowercase letter inside of the circles.

Handwriting Practice

4th of July Math

Next,  you can download the preschool math component {HERE}. Again, just print these off on plain white copy paper! I have given the option to select between number puzzles (1-10) or (1-20), depending on your students’ abilities.

Start by cutting your number puzzle out – cut around the outer border and on all the vertical lines. Mix them up! Then, have your student put the strips in numerical order. Once they have them set they can glue the strips (in order) onto colored copy paper!

Puzzles for the 4th of july

4th of July Challenge

Take this activity to the next level by:

  • Gluing the numbered strips onto RED copy paper.
  • Using the third page of the download, cut out the flag details.


  • Flip the red copy paper over.
  • Glue on the parts of the flag onto your red paper to have your student(s) create their very own American flag!

More Fun

For even more fun this summer, check out our huge collection of preschool and kindergarten activities.

Save time, stay inspired and get EVERY student bigger results!


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