11 Plant Life Cycle Activities

Activities for ages 3 to 8.

Looking for fun ways to teach kids about the plant life cycle?! These 11 science activities and experiments are perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

Make a sprout house, try your hand at leaf chromatography, turn a flower not one but TWO colors and more!

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Peek Inside

I love starting the plant unit by making our sprout houses so that seeds have plenty of time to grow.

Grow seeds in a homemade little sprout house greenhouse.

My kids keep track of their plants’ progress in their handy journals.

Keep track of plant observations in a plant journal!

I use the eye-catching posters to introduce the parts of a seed and flower and chat about photosynthesis.

Plant Posters

Then we dive further into the stages of a flower’s life cycle with a colorful craftivity.

And made a fun sunflower lifecycle hat.

We make an interactive lapbook that’s all about flowers, gluing the labels next to the right parts…

Interactive flower book. Label the parts...

then opening up the book to put the life cycle stages in order and identify four things flowers need…

Glue the life cycle stages in the right order...

And finally, sorting objects that are plants and not plants on the back page! It’s a four in one.

Sort objects into categories plants and not plants.

We find out why leaves are green and then change colors in the fall with a fun chromatography experiment.

What an awesome kids' science experiment! Find the colors in fall leaves with some simple chromatography. Perfect fall activity for kids!

Then we turn an ordinary white flower into not one but TWO colors to learn about how plants “drink” water from the ground and then deliver it throughout the plant!

Kids' Science Bicolor Flowers

AND we learn how scientists decide whether or not something is living. (It sounds so simple but it’s surprisingly tricky for some kiddos!)

Find out what makes an object living or not living!

And that’s just the beginning!

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Plant Activities for Kids

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