Subtraction Fact Fluency


The Subtraction Fact Fluency Pack is filled with motivating ways to practice subtracting 0 to 10. They’re great to use as no prep math centers, games, homework and sub activities.



–> Subtraction Race // Spin the fact and graph the difference.

–> Roll and Solve // Roll a die and solve a problem from the matching column.

–> Tic Tac Toe // Challenge a partner to solve three facts across, down or diagonally first.

–> Subtraction Color Up // Roll a die and color the matching answer.


The activity pack makes it so easy to differentiate for a variety of learners.

Have kids start on their -0 facts and work their way up one page at a time or, for students who are ready for an extra challenge, give them larger problems like -7 or -10. Then have them work on the review pages to cover all of the facts at once.


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