First Week Activities


These playful first week of school activities are a fun way to build class community in-person or online! Students will love the fun get-to-know you games and you’ll love that they’re all in one spot.
Just display the PowerPoint slides and you’re ready to go!


–> A true or false teacher quiz that helps kids begin learning more about you.
–> Reverse puzzles that have students answer get-to-know-you questions in order to remove puzzle pieces and reveal a silly joke.
–> Would you rather questions that help students get more comfortable sharing their opinions with the class.
–> A stand, sit, hands on hips game that challenges students to pick from three choices and show their answer by either standing, sitting or putting their hands on their hips.
–> A brainstorming activity that invites students to complete the sentence “I want a teacher who…” –> A brainstorming activity that asks kids to complete the sentence “I want a friend who…” (Both brainstorms are an engaging way to build community expectations.)


“This is so much fun! It’s a great way to start to get to know your students!” – Wendi P.

“This is a great distance learning resource to use to get to know students.” – Brittany W.

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