First Grade at Home – Week One


I’ve heard from so many first grade teachers like you whose schools are closing indefinitely because of the coronavirus and they need an easy way to keep kids engaged and learning at home.

Rather than scrambling to pull together just-right activities for your students each week, I’m excited to give you a simple solution: a pack of school at home activities your students can complete on their own.

And since we know that some families won’t have access to printers, I made sure to include plenty of printable-free learning options so that every child can participate.



–> A teacher letter you can copy and paste in an email to quickly explain your plan to families.

–> A weekly checklist giving kids 25 simple (and fun!) ways to stay engaged and learning.

–> 5 print-and-play activities families can print off at home. This week works on digraphs and blends, sight words, addition and subtraction within 10, addition and subtraction within 20, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional shapes, and telling time to the quarter hour.




1. Simply copy and paste the teacher letter into an email you’ll send out to students’ families on the same day each week. (Sundays work well because families have time to map out when they’ll do each activity.)

2. Make sure to attach the student packet to the email and then hit “send”.

3. On Friday, students’ families will send you a quick note letting you know how many of the activities they were able to finish. The weekly check in is a great chance to connect with kids who may be feeling unsettled about the unexpected separation so we encourage you to take a couple of minutes to reply with a personal note of congratulations.

4. If your school will be closed again the following week, grab the next pack in the set and repeat steps 1-3. I promise to publish new packs by Thursday so that you have plenty of time to get them in students’ hands.

And as we go along, if you have a specific skill or theme you’d like to see in a weekly pack, please drop me a quick note and we’ll add it to the list. We are in this together!


“This was perfect for what I needed to go along with my regular lessons, helped get my lesson understood with a paper and pencil activity.” – Amy K.

“This resource was a lifesaver. I sent it home for each student along with my ideas for using the activities in this packet (along with things they may have at home) to address each student’s IEP goals.” – Lori B.

“This resource helped me plan for and adjust my lessons and instructional techniques for distance learning. Shared educational materials with my students for distance learning.” – Rebecca E.

“Such a simple, thorough resource for distance learning. I especially liked the letter and home communication pages. Very easy to understand and use. ” – Morgan Ramsay

“This resource has been a lifesaver when I needed to get activities to send home to my students in a very short amount of time. Very grateful for this!” – Genevieve Coats



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