Build and Compare Numbers


Help kids develop a rock solid understanding of place value with this motivating pack of 14 build and compare sets.

Students will love using their base ten blocks to build each pair of numbers so they can see which one is greater.

And YOU’LL love that the activity is so easy to differentiate! Every set comes in 3 versions: practice 1 to 20, 1 to 50, or stretch kids who are ready by pulling out the 1 to 120 option.


–> Apples
–> Pumpkins
–> Leaves
–> Gumball machines
–> Holiday lights
–> Hearts
–> Pots of Gold
–> Easter eggs
–> Flower pots
–> Strawberries
–> French fries
–> Shells
–> PB and J sandwiches
–> Glue

This math center is great to use as a math station, morning work or early finisher activity.


“This was a great resource to allow my students to put into practice the concept of place value and using base ten blocks. Loved the variety of levels and the different pictures to make it cute and fun!” – Michele P.

“I was looking for a resource exactly like this and here it is! The students enjoyed creating with 10’s and 1’s to compare and contrast numbers. ” – Maureen D.

“My TK friends loved doing this! Much more concrete to help them to understand place value at our Calendar Math lessons. Thank you!” – Kathy L.