Graph of the Week

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Graphs of the week are a valuable way to teach students how to create, read and analyze graphs.

This mega bundle provides 5 pocket chart graphs for each month so kids can practice data analysis all year long.

They’re great to use as morning work or quick whole group lessons!



–> EDITABLE student cards that make it easy to print personalized pocket chart cards for every child in class.

–> 5 pocket chart graphs for each month.

–> 5 follow up record sheets for each month.


Kids will love building every single graph:


  • How did you get to school?
  • How many letters are in your name?
  • What is your favorite color?
  • My favorite weather is…
  • What fruit do you like most?


  • How are you feeling today?
  • What kind of pet do you have?
  • What color is your hair?
  • What vegetable do you dislike the most?
  • What shoes are you wearing?


  • When you grow up would you rather be…
  • What chore do you do at home?
  • What do you put on French fries?
  • What is the first thing you do in the morning?
  • Who woke you up today?


  • What do you like to drink?
  • What is your favorite kind of game?
  • Who cooks most meals in your home?
  • What do you put on your pancakes?
  • What is your favorite 2D shape?


  • What would you most like to meet?
  • What is your favorite winter sport?
  • What do you put on your cocoa?
  • What is your favorite art tool?
  • What pet would you most like to have?


  • What is your favorite 3D shape?
  • How many people are in your family?
  • What is your favorite holiday?
  • What sandwich do you like most?
  • What top are you wearing?


  • What Valentine’s Day activity are you most excited about?
  • What is your favorite recess activity?
  • How many syllables are in your name?
  • What is your favorite treat?
  • What do you like to put on your popcorn?


  • What do you love most about spring?
  • What is your favorite flower color?
  • What are you doing for spring break?
  • What would you ask a leprechaun to give you?
  • What is your favorite ice cream?


  • What 2D shape did you spin?
  • What is your favorite bug?
  • What spaghetti topping do you like most?
  • I think worms are…
  • I would most like to ride in a…


  • What shell did you pick?
  • What 3D shape did you spin?
  • How would you like to fly?
  • What pet would you like most?
  • What is your favorite barbecue food?


  • What is your favorite water sport?
  • What popsicle did you pick?
  • What was your favorite school event?
  • What fruit did you spin?
  • What flip flops would you like most?


  • What is your favorite season?
  • Would you rather meet an…
  • How are you going home today?
  • Grab a card. What 3D shape did you pick?
  • Spin the spinner. How many seeds did you spin?


“We love this resource! The students love making their choice and are learning so much about how to read graphs.” – Susan M.

“Great resource! My students love completing these graphs and discussing the data. I love the idea of them each having a name card too! Great Idea!” – Kelly T.

“Absolutely love it! I know may class will too. We already do a question of the day. I like how this has the recording sheets to go along with the question.” – Sheri B.

“What a fun way to learn about graphing and reading data!” – Kristina G.

“My students love this activity. They look forward to Graphing Day during our group learning time!” – Mandy Spear

“These are perfect for my first-graders to work on graphing! My first-graders always love the topics and the graphs are the perfect level for them to complete on their own. Thank you!” – Maria C.