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  • Beginning Blends Decodable Passages

    Grab these 18 beginning blends decodable passages to use for small reading groups, phonics lessons, or whole class practice. Just hit “print” and you’re ready to go!
  • Digraph Decodable Passages


    These 11 digraph decodable passages are perfect for small reading groups, phonics lessons, or whole class practice. Just hit “print” and you’re ready to go!


    • 1 each beginning and ending CH digraph
    • 1 each beginning and ending SH digraph
    • 1 each beginning and ending TH digraph
    • 2 CK digraph
    • 1 WH digraph
    • 2 digraph combination passages
  • Short A Centers


    Focusing on one vowel at a time helps many kids learn to differentiate those tricky middle sounds once and for all.

    This mega pack of Short A centers includes 13 playful print-and-play activities honing in on the 8 most common short A word families:

    -AB, -AD, -AG, -AM, -AN, -AP, -AT, -AX

    Just print and play!



    –> 7 motivating game boards

    –> 7 no prep spin and color sheets

    –> 7 I spy games

    –> 8 roll and graph centers

    –> Word family puzzles

    –> Flip and write game

    –> Sound it out building cards

  • Bat Animal Study


    Learning about bats?  This bat animal study is a must!

    The easy-to-follow directions and printable record sheets make the activities and posters perfect to use as science centers or whole class lessons in kindergarten or 1st grade.



    –> Bat Facts Teacher Guide

    –> 5 Colorful Posters (bat body parts, bat skeleton, things bats eat, where megabats live, where microbats live)

    –> K-W-L Bat Chart

    –> Bats Eat-Have-Need-Can Sheet

    –> All About Fact Sheet

    –> Bat Flap Book

    –> Nocturnal or Diurnal Animal Sort

    –> Nocturnal or Diurnal Animal Record Sheet

    –> Types of Bats Memory Game

    –> Whole Class Bat Graph

  • End of Year Awards

    46 end of year awards with a clever twist! Instead of the traditional “super reader” or “math whiz” – type of certificates, this version includes FUTURE OCCUPATION awards.
    Students will love finding out what you predict they’ll become!
    The set even includes six EDITABLE end of year awards so that you can create customized certificates.
    Just print the awards on colored paper to make them pop and you’re ready to start handing them out to deserving students.
    This set includes 46 end of year awards including 6 EDITABLE ones.
    –> Future Archeologist
    –> Future Architect
    –> Future Artist
    –> Future Astronaut
    –> Future Author
    –> Future Baker
    –> Future Banker
    –> Future Builder
    –> Future Chef
    –> Future Coach
    –> Future Counselor
    –> Future Detective
    –> Future Dentist
    –> Future Doctor
    –> Future Engineer
    –> Future Farmer
    –> Future Fashion Designer
    –> Future Firefighter
    –> Future Judge
    –> Future Lawyer
    –> Future Librarian
    –> Future Lifeguard
    –> Future Mail Carrier
    –> Future Military
    –> Future Movie Star
    –> Future News Reporter
    –> Future Nurse
    –> Future Olympian
    –> Future Pilot
    –> Future Police Officer
    –> Future Pop Star
    –> Future President
    –> Future Principal
    –> Future Programmer
    –> Future Rancher
    –> Future Scientist
    –> Future Teacher
    –> Future Veterinarian
    –> Future You Tuber
    –> Future Zoo Keeper
    PLUS 6 editable end of year awards!
    These certificates will end your year with a whole new level of excitement.
  • Decodable Readers (Huge Bundle!)


    This collection of 122 decodable readers helps you give every student the exact phonics practice they need with one easy download. This huge bundle of decodable passages practices short vowels, digraphs, floss rule, beginning and ending blends, CVCe long vowel words, vowel teams, diphthongs, r-influenced vowels, word endings, and trigraphs. They are perfect for any pre-k, kindergarten, first, or second grade classroom!

    Just hit “print,” cut the pages in half, and staple, and you’ll quickly have an engaging decodable reader!

  • Floss Rule Decodable Readers


    This set of 5 floss rule decodable readers is the ideal resource to use with small reading groups, phonics practice, whole class lessons, or as take home books. To add an element of fun for your students, they get to illustrate the book! Drawing the pictures to match the meaning of each page will help to build their reading comprehension. Just hit “print,” cut the pages in half, and staple! You’ll quickly have an engaging floss rule decodable reader to target your students’ specific needs.

  • Diphthongs Decodable Passages

    These 9 diphthongs decodable passages are great to use in your classroom for small reading groups, phonics lessons, or whole class practice. Just hit “print” and you’re ready to go!
    • 2 OO diphthong
    • 1 OI diphthong
    • 2 OU diphthong
    • 1 -OY diphthong
    • 2 OW diphthong
    • 1 diphthong combination passage
  • Short E Centers


    Get ready for some serious fun! These 12 playful print-and-play centers motivate kids to practice reading and writing the 6 most common short E word families:

    -EB, -ED, -EG, -EM, -EN, -ET



    –> 4 motivating game boards

    –> 4 sound it out playdough mats

    –> 4 I spy games

    –> 4 roll and graph centers

    –> 24 clip cards

    –> 2 no prep cut and sort sheets


    That’s 12 short E print-and-play centers in all!

  • Penguin Activities


    Looking for penguin centers your students will beg to repeat over and over again?!

    This print and play pack includes 17 math and literacy centers practicing word families, sight words, number concept, addition, subtraction and so much more.

    The penguin activities are easy to differentiate, making them perfect for kindergarten and first grade!




    The mega pack makes it so easy to differentiate. Stretch activities for your strong readers and break down the activities for your struggling kiddos.

    –> Fact Sheets. Learn about penguins and then complete either a KWL chart or fill out a fact sheet.

    –> Penguin Alphabet. Such a motivating way to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

    –> Alphabet Spin. Spin a letter and color a word that starts with it!

    –> Word Family Sort. Sort and then sound out CVC words.

    –> EDITABLE Sight Word Game. Race to the iceberg as you read and write sight words along the way.

    –> EDITABLE I Spy. Find the sight words hidden around the room. Then write the words in the right spot on your sheet!

    –> EDITABLE Hide and Seek. Play a super fun pocket chart game with the whole class!

    –> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with creative story prompts.


    The set also includes math activities teaching critical skills including numbers, patterns addition and subtraction.

    –> Comparing Penguins. Use clothespins to clip the biggest number! You can either work on 1-10 or stretch kids who are ready by practicing 1-100.

    –> This or That. Color the biggest number in each pair.

    –> Odd or Even. Sort numbers into the right pile: either odd or even.

    –> Fish Patterns. Create AB, ABB, ABCD, AABB, AAB and ABC patterns. Then invite students who are ready for a challenge to create patterns of their own.

    –> Write and Wipe Making 10 Cards. Write and solve penguin-themed making ten addition problems.

    –> Write and Wipe Subtraction Cards. Then invite students to write and solve subtraction within 10!



  • Sale!

    Holidays Around the World Bundle


    Dive into holidays around the world this winter with a mega pack of math, literacy and STEM activities students will love!

    Use the fact sheets to teach important details about each holiday and then work on sight words, phonics, CVC word families, 2D shapes, number sequencing, addition, story writing, STEM skills and more.

    The 70+ activities are easy to differentiate for a variety of levels making the set perfect for kindergarten or first grade.

    Plus, as an exclusive bundle bonus, you’ll receive passports and stamps to keep track of your around the world adventure!!



    –> BONUS: Holidays around the world passport

    –> BONUS: Passport stamps

    –> BONUS: Holidays around the world journal covers

    –> 8 Holidays around the world STEM challenges

    –> 13 Hanukkah centers

    –> 14 Diwali centers

    –> 15 Chinese New Year centers

    –> 11 Kwanzaa centers

    –> 11 Las Posadas centers

    –> 9 St. Lucia’s Day centers

  • Magic E Decodable Readers


    This set of 17 magic E decodable readers is the resource you need for small reading groups, phonics practice, whole class lessons, or take home books. To add an element of fun for your students, they get to illustrate the book! Drawing the pictures to match the meaning of each page will help to build their reading comprehension. Just hit “print,” cut the pages in half, and staple! You’ll quickly have an engaging magic E decodable reader to target your students’ specific needs.

  • Ending Blend Centers


    These 8 ending blend centers are perfect for kindergarten or first grade literacy centers, word work stations, or homeschool activities.

    Just like the beginning blend centers, you can focus on one type of blend with newer readers (for instance, L blends) or review several different blends at the same time for kiddos who are ready for a challenge.

    The playful centers practice 9 of the most common ending blends:

    -CT, -FT, -LD, -LF, -LK, -LP, -MP, -NK, and -PT.



    –> Phonics Cover Up

    –> Word Trash

    –> Rocket Words

    –> Blend Puzzles

    –> Roll, Read and Write Game

    –> Spin and Write Game

    –> Phonics Puzzles

    –> Blend Color Up

  • Kindergarten at Home – Week Nine


    Save hours of distance learning planning time with this done-for-you (SUPER motivating!) pack of kindergarten activities! Just like last week, I’m excited to give you just-right activities for your students to complete at home so that they hit the ground running when school starts back up again.



    –> A teacher letter you can copy and paste in an email to quickly explain your plan to families.

    –> A weekly checklist giving kids 25 simple (and fun!) ways to stay engaged and learning.

    –> 7 print-and-play activities practicing sight words (they’re EDITABLE!), CVC words, magic E, vowel teams, addition, subtraction, place value and greater than/less than.

    –> PLUS, as a bonus, you’ll also receive super motivating batch of LEGO STEM challenges kids will LOVE.

  • Math Geoboard Challenges


    These math geoboard challenges build problem solving and design skills while working on geometry, counting, perimeter, angles, comparing, AND scaling at the same time.

    They’re jam-packed with learning!

    Just print the cards on cardstock, cut them apart, and grab a geoboard and rubber band set. Kids will love building all 10 different shapes, 9 math symbols plus the numbers 1-20.



    –> 2 versions of 10 shape cards (easier + harder)

    –> 2 versions of 9 math symbol cards (easier + harder)

    –> 2 versions of 20 number cards (easier + harder)

    –> Record sheets

    –> A bonus challenge asking kids to build 4 geoboard designs of their own.


    You can easily stretch the activity for kids who are ready for a challenge by giving them the set of harder challenges or simplify it for students who are new to geoboards by pulling out the easier one.

    As a bonus, the set also includes record sheets and challenge worksheets for kids who are ready for a next step.

  • Back to School Activities


    These back to school activities will keep kids engaged and learning all month long! The mega pack includes 15 math and literacy centers.

    The back to school set is perfect for kindergarten and first grade.

    Scroll down to take a peek at all of the exciting fun ahead!




    –> Rhyming Clip Cards. Clip the word that rhymes!

    –> Match Up. Sound out 16 pairs of CVC words.

    –> Alphabet Glue. Motivate students to work on letter recognition and upper and lowercase pairing.

    –> Letter Sound Puzzles. Solve playful puzzles by matching letters to words that start with them.

    –> EDITABLE Hide and Seek. Playfully practice sight words, alphabet letters, classmate names… anything under the sun!

    –> EDITABLE Back to School Sight Word Race. Race to the school as you read and write sight words, word families, classmates’ names… you pick!

    –> 3 Story Starters. Get kids writing with fun story prompts.


    –> Counting Clip Cards. Reinforce the numbers 1 to 20 by practicing counting on and number recognition.

    –> Spin to 20. Work on counting, number recognition and ten frames at the same time!

    –> Color by Ten Frame. Motivate kids to build number recognition from 1-20!

    –> Making 10 Challenge Cards and Review Sheet. How many more do you need to make 10?

    –> 2 Roll and Cover Pattern Block Mats. Race to cover the pattern block mat and practice number recognition OR addition along the way.

    –> Subtracting from 10. Roll the dice, subtract the number that lands on top and write the problem you created.

    –> Subtraction Color Up. Race against your partner to solve the most subtraction problems.

    –> Spinning Shapes. Work on 2D shapes and graphing with a playful spinning game!