Preschool Math Mega Pack

The Math Mega Pack includes 10 hands-on, printable games that teach shapes, patterns, number recognition and writing, counting to 20, graphing, measuring, beginning addition and subtraction.

 10 Math Games

Inside you’ll find:

      • Making 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. A number concept activity.
      • Shape Sorts. A hands-on shape game.
      • Number Rainbows. Practicing number writing.
      • Frog Addition and Subtraction. Teaching beginning addition and subtraction.
      • Graphing Names. Learning graphing and counting.
      • How Many Gerbils Long? A measuring activity.
      • Shape Patterns. Teaching patterning and the names of shapes.
      • Fill the Piggy Bank. Introducing pennies and counting to 20.
      • Number Bingo. Reinforcing number recognition.
      • Number Olympics. Practicing the numbers to 20.


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