What better way to get kids really looking at how letters are built than by constructing them with LEGOS?! This hands-on LEGO name activity is a great preschool work station, name game or afternoon project.

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Getting Ready

The prep for this LEGO name activity depends on the age and skill of your little builder.  For my 5 year-old, A, I wanted her to build the letters without any help. So I simply pulled out several different sizes of DUPLO LEGOS in various colors and called her over to the table.

For younger builders, you can print out these awesome free LEGO letter cards and have kids use them to copy the shapes of their letters.

Building LEGO Names

My daughter heard me rummaging through the LEGOS and popped out of her room to see what all the noise was about.  When I told her we were going to make her name she was ecstatic.  I honestly didn’t expect such a joyful reaction, but I’m not complaining!

Building each letter without a visual guide was quite a challenge and it took a little trial and error before we got each letter to look the way we liked it.  I  liked that it required A to really slow down and look at the shape of each letter and how the various sized blocks could be used to make that shape.

For the letter “A”, we began by building the first leg up, then slowly tapering it in.  Once we got the 2 leg done, we realized we had to add the horizontal line, so we took apart the legs to make a spot to snap on the long “6 dot” piece (technically a 6 dot x 2 dot piece).


Once we built all the letters together, A wanted to use them as a guide to build them by herself.  Whoops, that “M” wasn’t looking quite right!


A thought her mistakes and attempts to fix them were hilarious.


Finally, A got the “M” figured out and moved on to the final letter.  Once she completed her name, she ran into her room to clear a spot on her shelf for her new creation.  I’m just glad we own a ton of LEGOS because we won’t be allowed to play with those blocks for quite some time!  The LEGO name project was a huge hit!

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  1. Hello, I loved your Morning Greetings video but was wondering where I could find the free printables that you mentioned in them? I would love the letter dice and elephant. I work with Deaf and Hard of Hearing students and am always looking for fun ways to work on phonological awareness skills.

    Thank you
    Love the Lego task as well!

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