Weather Activity Pack


Teaching a weather unit?! The Weather Activity Pack is a must. The 14 engaging activities teach young meteorologists about weather, temperature, clouds, tornadoes, precipitation, picking weather appropriate clothes, weather-themed math and more.



–> Word Wall Cards

–> Interactive Flap Book

–> Chart the Weather Game

–> Weather Reports

–> Weather Bingo (class set)

–> Cotton Ball Cloud Activity

–> Clothing Clip Cards

–> Number Clip Cards for 1-10

–> Weather Math

–> Thermometer Clip Cards

–> Color the Thermometer (Celsius and Fahrenheit version)

–> Weather Themed ABC Pages

–> Tornado in a Jar Science Activity (with record sheet)

–> Water Cycle in a Bag Science Activity (with record sheet)


“I was able to use this with my virtual weather and seasons until. The hands on activities were easy to demonstrate and were great for observation skills. The cut and paste activities were easy to follow and added to understanding while working on some much needed fine motor skills too.” – Rene A.

“My students really took to this resource. The daily weather report helped them neatly keep track of the weather so they could later graph it. They enjoyed the flipbook though there was some confusion about where some of the clothing should go since some could go for multiple types of weather. Overall, I am super happy with this resource.” – Devynne Boyanton

“I loved the prediction and ‘what’s the weather today’ pages. My students really got into it and loved getting to do the daily weather.” – Kendall P.

“My kiddos loved learning about the weather and using this bundle really gave a good learning aspect covering everything.” – Kristie C.

“Excellent resource with differentiation that can be used in a variety of ways to support student learning!” – Julie M.

“Love it! So many activity options that I can pick and choose from, depending on the needs of my students.” – Krista O.