Vowel Team Decodable Readers


These 14 vowel team decodable readers are the ideal resource for small reading groups, phonics practice, whole class lessons, or take home books. To add an element of fun for your students, they get to illustrate the book! Drawing the pictures to match the meaning of each page will help to build their reading comprehension. Just hit “print,” cut the pages in half, and staple! You’ll quickly have an engaging vowel team decodable reader to target your students’ specific needs.



  • 2 AI vowel team
  • 1 -AY vowel team
  • 2 EE vowel team
  • 2 EA vowel team
  • 1 IE vowel team
  • 1 -IGHT vowel team
  • 1 -Y vowel team
  • 2 OA vowel team
  • 1 vowel team combination reader