Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges


These Valentine’s Day STEM Challenges are a must-try! Use a simple box of candy hearts to dive into weight, length AND science.

The set is perfect to use in STEM centers, math stations or as early finisher tasks.



–> 16 weight comparison cards asking “What weighs more?”

–> 16 weight comparison cards asking “What weighs more?” OR “What weighs less?”

–> 16 length comparison cards asking “What is longer?”

–> 16 length comparison cards asking “What is longer?” OR “What is shorter?”

–> Dancing Candy Heart Science Experiment


All five STEM challenges include record sheets to help kids keep track of their answers AND an answer key making it easy for you to check their results.

———> Bundle with all of our STEM challenges and SAVE!


“My students loved the activities with this resource. My students especially liked the stem activities where the scale and measurement were involved. We would take a class poll and predict which one we thought was more and then saw who had the most correct, our measurement expert.” – Ashleigh H.

“My younger elementary STEM students loved these activities! I always try to include STEM activities around if there is a holiday for the month. I like the variety of activities, so I can use and adjust to the students I have.” – Morgan S.

“Perfect for my in class students and remote students. I sent home little kits for my Cohort A group and completed in class with my Cohort B group. Remote snow days have allowed me to send home some extension work with these activities too! Thanks for this great resource.” – Tessa Wilson

“I used the weight challenge in my Science Center and my Pre-K students loved counting out the candies and the other objects to see which weighed more and they were predicting which would weigh more.” – Rebecca H.

“We used the what weights more with our scale. Each student chose a card and placed the items in our scale to see. We even kept a chart on our board as we used the cards. My students were very engaged and even asked to do more. Thank you for this resource!!” – Katie Weidner

“My kids loved these activities and they worked beautifully with our current measurement curriculum.” – Kristy M.