EDITABLE Student Dictionary


Help students take ownership of the words they’re learning to use in their writing with this fully editable student dictionary.

The dictionary comes pre-filled with Dolch words through first grade. But don’t worry if you’re at a different grade level or use a different list of words! Because the whole file is editable, you can add, delete, or change any of the words.


There are pages for each letter of the alphabet that you can customize to print with whichever words you want your students to have at their fingertips. You can leave in blank lines for your students to add in any words they learn throughout the year.

There are also 7 bonus pages to use for collections of words. It comes filled with months, days of the week, weather, colors, numbers, class names, and animals. Change these out to fit lists of words to go with the units you study or to match what your students are interested in writing about!

The bonus pages come in 2 formats. One format is for shorter lists with writing lines for all the words, and the other format is for longer lists of words with writing lines on only half the page.

Grab this dictionary now to create a writing tool that’s customized to what your students need!