Editable Schedule Cards


These editable schedule cards help kids keep track of what’s already happened during the school day and anticipate what’s coming next.

Since the 60 editable schedule cards are customizable, you can easily change the activity names. Just click on the text box and type in a new one!

Ready to work on telling time? Post your favorite type of clock next to the name of each activity. The set includes three versions: digital, analog and a combination of both. They’re all editable too!



The 60 editable schedule cards are customizable so you can easily change the activity names. You’ll find one card for each of the following events:

–> Art

–> Assembly

–> Birthday

–> Buddies

–> Calendar

–> Class Meeting

–> Clean Up

–> Circle Time

–> Craft

–> Daily 5

–> Dance Party

–> Dismissal

–> Drill (4 versions)

–> Field Trip

–> Free Choice

–> Gym

–> Journals

–> Library

–> Lunch

–> Math

–> Math Centers

–> Morning Work

–> Music

–> Pack Up

–> Party

–> P.E.

–> Pictures

–> Phonics

–> Play Time (2 versions)

–> Poetry

–> Quiet Time

–> Reading (3 versions)

–> Recess (3 versions)

–> Science

–> Science Centers

–> Smart Board

–> Show and Tell

–> Snack

–> Social Studies


–> Surprise

–> Visitor (2 versions)

–> Tablets

–> Technology

–> Word Work (4 versions)

–> Worship

–> Writing (2 versions)


–> Analog

–> Digital

–> Both analog and digital


Check out all of the cards included in this set below.


“I’ll be adding these to my classroom this year. I love that the file is editable. There are different clocks which is one of the main reasons I purchased this set. I love them & know that my students will enjoy them as well. With the pictures they will be able to follow the schedule.” – Tabatha P.

“It is a great way to show our daily schedule and the colour gives it the ‘pop’ for display. Kids are able to take a look & see what’s happening, and I appreciated that I could input the classes.” – Lisa K.

“I love that these are editable! I have a couple students who really like to know the schedule of the day, and this will make them feel so much better. I also love that there are analog and digital clocks because my students are too young to know what time it is.” – Beth Getka

“I find these very handy. I loved that there were a mixture of male and female students.” – Janice P.